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Redex Petrol Injector helps to clean the harmful deposits that build up around the fuel injectors in the fuel system, which reduce engine performance and response.

£7.99 ( RRP £11.95 )

  • Engine Fogging Oil 340g


  • Inboard and Outboard

    • Special formula makes starting engine after storage quick and easy.
    • Protects cylinder walls, piston rings and other combustion chamber surfaces from rust and corrosion during storage.
    • Excellent for inboard and outboard marine engines.

£14.00 340g

  • Carburetor And Throttle Cleaner


Cleans carburetor and throttle components of residue, ideal for winterizing your engine or periodic cleaning.

£5.99 400ml


  • Quick Engine Winterizing Servicing Pack

( Fogging oil, Carb cleaner, Redex injector cleaner )




£21.99 saving over £5.00 off RP

  • Outboard Engine Water Filter Assembly. 5 Year Warranty
    ( Includes Fittings And FREE 10lt FUEL CAN )Water filter assembly easily adapts to any outboard / inboard engine, filters fuel and removes water out of your fuel supply.
    Ideal for a new or old engine !

Filter Head And Filter

Filter Pack – £35.00 A
Replacement filter unit – £9.99 B



Inline Fuel Filter

These filters are suitable for a wide range of petrol engines and machines.
Overall length of filter: 125mm
Width at widest point: 53mm
Will suit 6mm and 8mm id fuel pipe.

1x unit only


More Items soon

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