Don’t have a filter ?

Inline Fuel Filter

Does your engine have a fuel filter?

If not your engine is new or old, adding clean fuel to your engines fuel supply can still contain harmful micro particles that block and inhibit injectors reducing performance and clog spark plugs .

If in doubt why not purchase one of our advanced inline filters ?

These filters are suitable for a wide range of petrol engines and machines.
Overall length of filter: 125mm
Width at widest point: 53mm
Will suit 6mm and 8mm id fuel pipe.

1x unit only


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Now the season is upon is……..well sort of for some of us .

Lets talk about fuel for your boat?

When you left your boat or rib tucked up over the winter, what did you do with your fuel?

Our guess is that you left it in your fuel tank right?

Most of the time during the summer this is fine as the boat is being used and a fresh stream of new petrol is always circulating in the tank and engine.

However during long periods of inactivity this can cause nightmares for the fuel and your engine, basically if your going to leave your boat for a long time make sure the fuel is drained and from the carbs to avoid build ups of moisture and allowing for microbes to grow and form in the stagnant fuel.

To summarise NEW SEASON NEW FUEL and avoid annoying engine start problems.

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Water Fuel Filter Offer

Why not treat your boat to a fuel water separator for the beginning of the 2014 season ?!

Any water and dirt in your fuel tank, mainly from condensation from sitting fuel can greatly damage your engine and diminish performance.

We are offering fully fitted water separators for £65.00 inc Vat.

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