Boulmer Lifeboat Ready For Action

Boulmer Lifeboat have just had their Evinrude 40hp outboard serviced by Marine Engine Servicing.

With funding limited, we took great care and attention with every step of the process getting their boat ready for anything!!!

We have even taken some photos to accompany this post.

Cowling and side panels removed, spark plugs and fuel filters were changed as well a new thermostat .

Step 2.
Lower section was removed for water pump change and drive shaft lubrication.

With the lower leg removed the old water pump housing can be seen next to the gear shifter.

Step 3.
The water pump has been removed and the gear shift housing also for inspection.

Old water pump housing and base plate, note heavy scoring on plate.

With the new gearbox oil and water pump the engine is ready to go again!

Quick update to ECU computer after service and she’s all done!



Rupert says its time to go home now

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