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Rocking No More

Called to an engine which wouldn't start and was hard to turn over on the starter.

After a few checks on the ignition and fuel system, we then run compression which was at 110psi.

We then removed the rocker cover to check valve backlash.

We found both rocker arms cracked and deformed.

Initial thought was that one or both valves were stuck fast on the valve seats.

However, the intake was only just opening and the exhaust wasn't moving at all (exhaust could be opened manually). The exhaust rocker had bent that far that the push rod had come out of the cam follower.

Not sure if this is material failure or incorrect valve backlash on both rockers?

Has anyone else ever had both rockers fail at the same time?

( Ignore the nut on the closet rocker, this photo was taken after disassembly )

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